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Most Americans adore all types of meat; from beef and chicken to lamb and duck, every palate is left feeling satisfied. However, there’s a never-ending hunger for one meat product so crispy, so sizzling and so unequivocally delicious, they’ve made festivals to celebrate its glory; you guessed it - BACON. A food product that’s become a staple in every meat-lover’s home, bacon is not only enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but for desserts, snacks and beverages! The obsession with these heavenly strips can make even the strictest leaf-eating mammal squeal with delight, but just how well do you know your bacon? Take the quiz below!

When is the National Bacon Day of America?

Where can you sample the tastiest bacon-flavoured ice-cream?

Which is the largest pork-producing state in America?

Which state holds the annual ‘Baconfest’?

How many delectable strips of bacon do Americans consume every year?

Did this quiz make you want to pack your bags to the USA and just PIG OUT?! The amount of puns used in this quiz may be frytening, but if you want to find out more, visit us at or call us at 1300 642 642 to talk with our friendly travel consultants!

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